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    Is it coincidental how all these videos showcasing Black Friday people acting like scummy shaven apes are all taken at the scummiest store in in the world… that’s Walmart for ya! This is why my family and I do not “do” Walmart on Black Friday (and try to avoid the place like the plague the rest of the year as well). I will shop Walmart online every blue moon, but nothing where I have to set foot in one of their disgusting stores. Poor organization, slave-labor-guaranteed prices, terrible employee relations, lack of foresight, and cost-cutting at every corner result in bedlum every year because the employees do not get paid or treated well enough to care, no extra security is brought in (unless the city/county pays for it themselves), and no organization methods are implemented (think wristbands, electronic check-in/reserving, and a slew of other “cool-down” measures).

    I LOVE Black Friday. I love the community and casual conversation with just about everyone as you wait in line. I love making ornate plans with my family to try and make sure everyone gets a little something they want at a good price and we all work together for each other. I love that the stores are open at 3 in the morning and the whole world seems to be wide awake. But the violence and stampeding and insanity has to stop, and could easily be resolved!

    I was at Toys R Us for Black Friday 2013. They had an entry line arranged in single file wrapped around the building. They allowed only 50 people into the store at a time. They handed out water bottles and had a hot coffee/tea/cocoa table.  It was non-stressful, easy, even a bit fun with the holiday music blaring and the excitement of buying toys for beloved children.

    Across the parking lot was Old Navy. We could hear those in line singing classic tunes, guided by the employees and fun games being played.  It was a long wait at Old Navy, and though I opted out of standing in line there, the place was full of grins and excited conversations.

    Several years ago I sat in line at Circuit City for nigh 11 hours and a few hours before store open, an employee simply went down the line and asked each person what they wanted. They were given a ticket for whichever doorbuster they wanted and that was the end of it. You had a ticket, you got your item. No ticket, no item.  You knew 2 hours before the store opened if you were wasting your time or there was no need to rush/run ANYWHERE.sheeple shoppers society

    Par for the course, Walmart falls short of implementing even the cheapest control mechanisms. They ask a few extra of their internal security staff to come in so they don’t have to pay an outside contract firm (you know, with specialization in this sort of thing, i.e., mob control). Walmart haphazardly pushes the wrapped pallets into the middle of the aisles, whispering to the drooling zombies standing in the cold, “come rip open this pallet and all your dreams will come true!”  People sprint… not walk, not jog, not even run to their dreamy cheap plastic.  They full-out sprint down tight aisles, past protruding clothes racks, between old people and children (and come on, you fools… Black Friday, let alone Walmart Black Friday IS NO PLACE for a small child!!!), throwing bows and hips as needed.  In that chaotic hell, the more willing you are to break societal norms, that is, push, shove, and literally throw other human beings out of the way, the more likely it is you will receive your prize… and what better reward than a $100 last-year’s-model, off-brand 27″ TV.  Screw you women, children, and elderly, I’m getting deals here!  It only cost $100, your dignity, your resemblance to a caring human, and that bitch’s hip who wouldn’t get out of your way.

    Do I blame the animals for acting that way? Nah, the world is full of sheeple, robots and hollow men… corporate ethics and responsibility should drive the company to prevent the sheeple and robots from hurting themselves, or worse, hurting someone who isn’t acting a fool.

    I’m not trying to go all “Occupy,” chain-yourself-to-a-tree, boycotting-Walmart.  There’s no solution here. Go ahead, promise to boycott Walmart. I think I’ve bought 3 things total from Walmart in the past 3 years. That doesn’t make a dent in their bottom line.

    My responsibility, as I see it, is to ensure my children understand DO NOT become one of society’s hollow men. My job is to teach my kids how to treat other humans with respect and politeness. Furthermore, my job is to instill the values that comprise corporate responsibilities and ethics, so that when my kids become business leaders, they can implement solid values.

    As I said, I’m a fan of Black Friday.  I just think that heinous cesspools like Walmart need to research corporate responsibility a bit further and protect the sheeple from themselves.

    THERE CAN BE A BALANCE BETWEEN CAPITALISM AND ETHICS. THERE IS A HARMONY THAT CAN BE SOUGHT BETWEEN CONSUMERISM AND ALTRUISM. These don’t have to counterbalance all the time.  It’s okay to buy, shop, and save… just don’t forget to walk on two legs and act like your momma is watching while you’re doing it.

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