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    Something is on the horizon. Not the iPhone 5, that’s the obvious pick and no one cares anymore. Of course, I’m going to get my iPhone 5 and of course it’s going to have a smaller dock connector and bigger screen. I’m past that. So two months ago… Nay, I allege something BIG is on the horizon, not for greed or growth, but for survival. You might want to play the video below to get the vibe I’m going for.  Here’s my logic.
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    ios 5 is winI said there was no iPhone 5 coming out this year and there is no way there will be if it wasn’t announced at WWDC 2011.  An iPhone 4S, maybe… but not a 5.

    • WWDC had some crazy cool updates.  And some not so cool ones.  Judging from my past posts, you must know that I am not too fond of Twitter.  iOS 5 has some mega-deep Twitter integration.  Like… everywhere.  You can tweet anything on your screen pretty much with just 2 taps.  It’s always running.
    • The end of Instapaper and Read It Later is upon us as iOS 5 integrated a similar service… that syncs with everything called Reading List.  It’s deep integrated as well.  I love Marco Arment’s (Instapaper creator) reaction to this.
    • There was a meh update to the camera GUI in that there will be a grid and editing built right into the native camera app and the ability to take a snap by sliding a certain way while the phone is locked.  Also, the volume button will be able to take a shot.  Sound like Camera+?  Yeah, pretty much.  Maybe that’s why Apple wouldn’t let Camera+ update.
    • I am stoked about iMessage.  Think Blackberry Messenger, except you know, not archaic.  iMessage communicates between iPhones, iPads, and iPods, which is awesome for my iPod buddies.
    • Oh sweet Jesus, and then there is iCloud.  I was just thinking about computing in the cloud the other day and here Apple gives me an early Christmas present.  iCloud of course, means the end of Mobile Me.  But, iCloud also means all my garbage is in one place.  Plus, for $25 per year, I can sync 20,000 songs view scan and match that I downloaded illegally bought from sources other than iTunes and throw them in the cloud.  <3  Document storage, Apps, Backups, Books, Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Photos… oh my.
    • Wireless iTunes syncing and system update application?  Yes, thank you.  Wi-Fi Sync is win.  I am stoked that I will no longer have to plugin my devices.  On top of this, now you don’t need to plug up the device to activate it.  It’s all over the air.  They are calling this offering PC Free.
    • Better iPad multitasking is on the way via pinching, swiping, and four-fingering.  Yay!
    • A cool reminder/to-do list that syncs with all my devices is going to be built into my iOS devices.  This is something I have struggled with in the past and am EXTREMELY excited that it will sync with Outlook and iCloud.
    • Meh.  Newsstand puts together all your magazine and newspaper subscription apps into an exact mirror of iBooks.  Whatever.
    • Last, but certainly not least is the Notification Center.  Texts and notifications at the top of your screen and via a slide-down menu ala Android.  The notification center is long over-due and it is about damn time that we see notifications in a place other than a damn number on the application.

    My brother asked me why I think it’s cool that Apple is releasing something that Android did a while ago.  I replied that Apple will release it and my phone won’t be dead by 4PM, it won’t freeze, I won’t have to worry about super-slowness, and it’s sexier.  Remember, I don’t own a Mac and I LOATHE the idea of ever even considering acquiring a Mac computer… but iOS was done damn right and for my mobile devices, it will win every time.


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    The rumor mill is flying.  With the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference quickly approaching on June 6th, speculations are high on an iPhone update.  I just can’t take it anymore.  There are so many theories out there and I think very few people have even an inkling of what they are talking about…

    Here’s what I’ve heard:

    • Will be called the iPhone 4S – I could buy into this.  I personally agree with Peter Misek in that iOS and the iPhone form factor isn’t going to dramatically change.  LTE is still too bleeding edge and 4G is still too spotty.  Apple doesn’t “do” bleeding-edge technology.  They don’t like risk for the consumer.  This is going to be a minor update and not “essential,” anymore than you may have considered the 3GS from the iPhone 3 essential.
    • iPhone update will not drop until September.  I could buy this too.  It seems unlikely that Dan Mead (Verizon) would agree to a phone dropping a mere 4 months after the previous version was just released.
    • There be no home button.  Bah.  I moreso hope this one isn’t true.  I think the interface might be cumbersome without it.  However, I COULD see the home button being removed to increase screen size.  I am 50/50 on this one.  It has less buy in from me because I don’t want it to be true… but we’ll see.
    • 8Mpx+ Camera.  It is time to update that dud of a 5Mpx camera.  I don’t see why on earth Apple wouldn’t do this… especially with the “anything you can do I can do better” thing.
    • Bigger screen and/or better resolution.  I think both of these are likely, with a slight slant towards bigger screen.  They better be careful with that form factor though!
    • Physical keyboard.  Love the concept.  Possible?  Nope.  Apple will not do this.  Take that to the bank.
    • NFC Technology.  Oh God I hope so!  This is a new but relatively “safe” bleeding edge technology for Apple.  NFC is ridiculously hot, think Bump but 100 times better.  The rumor mill says NFC is highly likely.
    • More RAM.  Better, dual-core processor.  I think this is a given.  These upgrades are pretty much the only guarantees.