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    The popularity of YouTube has exploded over the last decade, and there are literally millions of people either uploading or watching these videos each day. It seems, though, that some online marketers only care about making a profit, without taking the time to learn proper etiquette and manners when it comes to making and uploading their videos. Proper etiquette isn’t just for the dining room table or dealing with customers. It should be ingrained in every single thing you do, including online marketing.  Here are a few rules that all YouTube Marketers should follow.

    1. Watch Your Language: It doesn’t matter what the nature of your video is; there is no need for harsh, derogatory or crude language. There’s enough of that elsewhere, both online and off. Keep your videos clean.   
    2. Have Something to Say: Don’t just upload a video for the sake of it; have a reason for doing so, and make sure it has value for the viewer. Along the same note, don’t drone on for 10 minutes about nothing. Your message should be clear, concise and to the point. Remember that your viewers have other things to do; they don’t want to hear you go on and on.
    3. Know Your Audience: If your video is geared towards a technical audience, then by all means use all the technical language you like. If, however, your audience is more general, then you’ll have to watch your technical jargon. Knowing who your target audience is will help you narrate appropriately.    
    4. Interact With Your Viewers: It’s always a good idea to respond to comments or questions regarding your video. A word of caution here: don’t respond to rude comments with your own. Always be respectful of other people’s opinions, and if you find it extremely offensive or irrelevant, then simply delete it.
    5. Don’t Ask to be Liked: Here’s the bottom line – if someone appreciates your video and finds the information valuable, they will ‘like it’. Asking them outright is presumptuous and considered bad etiquette. If you’re not getting the response you want, then look at improving your videos. Remember, practice makes perfect!    
    6. Control those Pop-Ups: Pop-ups are annoying and no one likes them! Once you understand this, you will stop using them. Some may boycott your video/channel altogether if they get annoyed enough. Some marketers swear that they work, but honestly, it really just isn’t worth the risk of alienating your viewers.  


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