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    I have begun my venture into productivity and efficiency management at work. Since this project started, I have made MANY new enemies. Many users are crying about RescueTime, which monitors their productivity during the day on a macro level. Though it does track individual websites, no one is even remotely concerned that our managerial users spend 20 minutes on Facebook per day.
    Users are absolutely freaking out about having this on their computer. After glancing at some reports, I think I am beginning to see why… you probably should not spend several hours on a dating site per day at work while your spouse sits at home thinking everything is ok. Just saying.
    Anyway, RescueTime allows the user to turn off tracking. That’s right, they can simply right click the rescue icon and click “Stop Tracking for XX minutes” and specify the duration that they would like to keep their wacko websites private. Unfortunately, it’s still too invasive.

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